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DIY Flower Bunnies

07 Feb DIY Flower Bunnies

The Year of the Rabbit is here! Happy Chinese New Year!

Our favorite color -- fuchsia bunnies

Who said chrysanthemums are boring flowers?  Check our what one of our friends created with the ball chrysanthemum flowers for the Chinese New Year festivities!  Since these flowers come in all colors (literally!), they’d be so perfect for any special events.

Whether it’s for the upcoming baby shower, as a boutonniere or corsage for the page boy or flower girl, or for your sweet Valentine, this would definitely put a smile on that important someone!

These cutesies are so easy to make and what’s even better is that the little ones can help make them too.

Materials you’d need:

  • ball chrysanthemum flowers (these are pretty hardy and can keep up to a week in a vase with fresh water in cool weather)
  • felts for the rabbit/bear/dog/cat ears
  • scissors to cut the felt and to trim the stems of the flower
  • pearl head pins for the bunny’s eyes (with the pointy end cut off to avoid unnecesary painful moments)
  • a piece of thin black wire for the rabbit’s mouth

Have fun and hope these will bring lots of smiles to your friends and love ones.

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