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Angee & Vincci Interviewed by Hong Kong English Radio Show Producer Caroline Chan

31 Oct Angee & Vincci Interviewed by Hong Kong English Radio Show Producer Caroline Chan

We are local celebrities!  (At least that’s how we feel about it… ^_^)

A few weeks ago, we were interviewed by the local radio station on our mother and daughter business.   When we got the invitation, we were ecstatic and thought “Wow!  That would be wonderful exposure and PR for our little handmade business, but we have one problem… One BIG problem… We are to speak to each other in English!”

Although we have known each other for most of our lives, we have never really carried a conversation with each other in English before.  And now, what’s even more nerve wracking is that our conversation will be recorded and broadcasted!  This has definitely raised our adrenaline level for a few days and brought to us a few sleepless nights!

It all seems like a dream now but we remember it to be a wonderful conversation about our mother-daughter relationship. Caroline teased out so many fond memories about our “growing up” on the tropical island of Mauritius, which included coconuts and mangoes…

We’d like to thanks Miss Caroline Chan for the wonderful time we’ve had chatting about our relationship and partnership on Connect2.  To be able to voice out the root of our relationship was invaluable as we got a deeper understanding of each other.  Certainly, this conversation made it clear that our little journey on ANGEE W. would not be possible without each other.

We hope you’ll enjoy these 20 minutes of soundbite. 🙂  The show starts at 2:00 minutes into the recorded broadcast.

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