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ANGEE W. at the Races

16 Jun ANGEE W. at the Races

We feel very privileged as we’ve been commissioned to do custom made lapel pins for a Race Day event organized by the University of Hong Kong.  It was a very fun challenge that we took upon.  The feat of completing the drawings, designs, approval and the making of 300 feathery lapel pins in less than a month was astonishing and we are quite proud that we were able to deliver the pins on time a few days before the event.

The process was quite unique to us as we worked within a set of requirements, which is somewhat different from how we usually make our own clutch bags and hat piece designs.  But it was so much fun to work with the chosen colors, materials and not to mention, the traditional lapel pins, which has a sharp end and a stopper at the end, and the new magnetic ones, which we was a gift from above.

I’m saying this as I’ve always internally cringed when I see beautifully tailored suits being pricked at an event.  I’m happy now as someone solved this dilemma.  This has troubled me ever since the first event I’ve worked on professionally, a decade ago.  Thank goodness to the first person who first used this and bravo to the amazing sourcing ability of HKU staff members.  Now, many beautiful italian fabrics and immaculately pressed lapels will be spared from the evil torturing spine of lapel pins. >.<

Well, here are a few photos of the brooches at our studio while we were still making them (as you see, the pins were quite a little troupe of feathery beauties) and a few photos from the event sent to us courtesy of HKU. Enjoy!


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